Favorite Workout gear

I enjoy working out and I’m guilty of often being in my workout gear all day! Therefore I do believe in investing in stylish gym gear, they last longer and perfect motivation to keep me moving.

Here are my favorites! Also Bandier currently have a Friends & Family 20% discount ending on 4/14.  Great time to update your workout closet.

 I love Leggings by Koral, Ultracor, Beyond Yoga & Free People Movement.

Lululemon bras give great support to my girls, huge fan of the Push Your Limits Bra & Energy Bra. I also love Free People Movement Genesis Bra gorgeous scallop details and perfect for Pilates or Yoga!

Tank Tops: My favs are Split 59, Onzie & Target but I also pick up fun T-shirt and cut them into cute tank Tops.

Sneakers:  I use my workout sneakers daily and change them once a year, my Favs are Nike & Addias Ultraboost

 Thanks for reading xo


I am wearing FP Movement 💕

New Intentions

I do have a lot to be grateful for, but 2017 was an ok year for our family. My kids will tell you it was an amazing year, but we never make them aware of any cracks.

2017 I went back to work. I joined Free People, I accidentally started a Closet edit & personal shopping service and both have been beautifully received. I love building women’s confidence and if fashion helps them then so be it!

I started The Daily Darlings last June as my outlet and to document my journey in life. Life & work trumped my blog and I used my IG to document more than my website. I want to focus more on my blog and not be nervous about my grammar and vocabulary!

November & December 2017 I ate like an absolute trooper, to the point where I was drinking tea and eating Terry’s chocolate orange for breakfast. I gained a beautiful 10ilbs and wore sweatpants because nothing fit!

My 2017 Parenting skills: I went back to work part time and we have no help or family in the US. Not an excuse but my goodness I was a screaming, no patience Mom who was dog paddling through Motherhood with good and bad days.

2018 I have already so many positives to look forward to; Christopher & I will celebrate our 10yr wedding anniversary, I turn 40 in March.  I also have a lot of changes. I am going to to deal with it all with a full positive heart.

My new intentions:

  1. Clean Eat with the support of Food Fix
  2. Workout with the support of incredible app by Kayla Itsines  
  3. Be a better Mom, manage life & kids using tools given by my amazing therapist.
  4. Focus only on friends I adore, friends that are easy. Friendships that flow!
  5. Family time is my number one priority

I got you 2018, I am going to make you a brilliant year. Let's do this!

I’m going to live a life I am proud of!

Genny xo


Inner Light

My friend highly recommended Inner Light. I am big fan of trying and discovering things to improve my wellbeing. We speed through life and often forget to take time to ourselves. Moms might do a 50minute workout but then we are zooming around, I am still learning how to juggle Mom & Wife life as I am certainly not a natural!

Inner light has individual full-spectrum Infrared Saunas detoxify the body with light. Full Spectrum infrared therapy saunas detoxify your body, helps with anti-aging, it gets deep into your muscles and tissues and helps loosen muscles! The whole experience rejuvenates your body almost a reset that we all need.

I highly recommend Inner Light, the space is truly divine with a tranquil boutique selling beautiful natural, toxin-free products. I cannot wait to return.

They are offering a new guest special

New Guest Special

Pricing available only for first-time guests 

Express Session: $25 / Standard Session: $40

New Guest Week Pass: $60 for 25 min / $85 for 55 min

Infrared Therapy  

Infrared Therapy  

Delicious tea and eucalyptus towel post infrared therapy

Delicious tea and eucalyptus towel post infrared therapy

Cleaning Eating (with Alice)

I am passionate about all things food and fitness!

I do believe in clean eating. For 3 months Christopher and I ate clean and my lifestyle changed dramatically for the better; I had more energy, my body transformed, my problem areas were no longer a problem. I truly felt superb inside and out. I am not a nautral chef and with two young kids, two dogs I soon learned to eat clean it is all about meal planning.  A great friend recommended Alice Liveing to me and I adore her instagram and IG stories, she is bubbly and very inspiring. 

Alice Liveing helps you understand it isn’t about diet – it’s about transforming your lifestyle permanently. Alice is an author of 3 best selling books. Her books enticing recipes for clean-yet-delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to transform the way you eat and feel. Alice has two books available in the US, Clean Eating Alice: Eat Well Every Day and The Body Bible.

Alice is also a personal trainer at Third Space London they have 3 locations in London.

I am going to reset starting today and have a goal to eat clean every day.

This post was inspired by Laura Mooney - Thank you always for your support xx

Favorite workout sneakers (trainers)

'Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world' said Marilyn.  I agree with Maz, I LOVE shoes and fitness. This post is about the workout sneakers recommended by me and fellow fitness lovers! Through trial and error we all found our favorite sneakers! 

This post is inspired by Alison Dorfman co-owner of The Paper Alley 

Running: Barbara Lincoln makes running look effortless and has many marathons under her belt. As a runner she alternates between Saucony ISO triumph and Brooks Transcend 3. She wears the ones that have 300 plus mileage for cross training once I'm done running in them. 

Alison Dorfman is a recreational runner and adds interval boxing training to her workout, she loves her Hoka One One. Ali co-owns The Paper Alley offering wonderful personalized stationary.

Tennis: Jess Larit one of the most effortless, A-Team, collegiate tennis player recommends Nike Vapour 9.5 tour I recently bought the same but sadly does not improve my game!

Cross training: My Manhattan BFF loves her Asics gel kayano 20, she loves this sneaker for her workout variation of Barrys Bootcamp, Tracey Anderson & home gym. I love that she already knows her next workout sneaker is Asics gel kayano 24.

Marni Lane favorite cross trainer Nike Air Zoom Strong and for running she recommends Asics Kayano or Asics GT-2000 Marni is co-founder of PR firm Kriskey & Lane Communications.

Nadine Abramcyk co -founder of TenoverTen my favorite nail salon, loves The Class by Taryn Toomey.  Nadine really likes Nike Air Zoom Strong, because of the extra support across the top of her foot with the strap.

I love dance cardio, interval boxing training with weights.  My fav workout sneaker is the Nike Free RN Flyknit they are light and allow very natural movement. They were recommended to me by a young dancer working at Nike and I have not looked back, they come in great colors. 

Nike have a collection called Nike Chrome Blush Collection, they are feminine, sporty and stylish! Each sneaker is lightweight, breathable and great stability. Perfect workout sneaker.

Nike Free RN Flyknit  - my favorite cross trainer and also a running shoe

Nike Free RN Flyknit - my favorite cross trainer and also a running shoe

Ali Dorfman at Compo Beach with her  Hoka One One

Ali Dorfman at Compo Beach with her Hoka One One