Closet SOS

This week I helped a friend with her closet. Janet has a big personality, loves a print and wonderful statement jewelry. A Mom of 3 young kids, like most Moms your closet is often put on the back burner. 

Gone are your days pre-kids where we would shop all weekend with friends, shop during a spare moments at work and pretty much shop in your sleep!

Janet emailed me for help, this how I helped.

Closet Cleanse: I went to Janet's house and we started with a closet audit. I went through her wardrobe piece-by-piece and we discussed which cuts, colors and styles that flattered her. We had a generous bag of donations. 

Post Cleanse: The same day I looked at her newly edited closet and I put together looks using what she had, bringing life back into her wardrobe. This helped us determine what pieces would fill in gaps and needed replacing.

Shopping: We determined Jacket, Jean Shorts, Tank Tops and Day Dress. I knew her budget and did a shop before I met her, then the fun started. Janet loved 90% of what I picked for her, nearly all are classics that she can dress up with jewelry. 

Women especially Moms must remember they are worth it, they are worth dressing up even if they are just picking up their kids. 

Never dress down, always dress up because you are worth it and are fabulous!

Here are the wardrobe fillers I chose for Janet (click on image for direct link to item):

Janet's testimonial: Genny saved so much time TIME. I feel like I have outfits to wear and new ideas, everything Genny chose was to fit my body type and lifestyle. With my new and improved closet, I immediately feel chic-er and more put together! 

If you would like help with your closet and and personal shopping, please email me: