Soul Annex

I am a huge fitness lover, it clears my mind

My workout over the years has evolved. When I was in the city I was married to various workouts in particular Soul Cycle - I would sign up Monday 12pm to get into my favorite instructors classes (who are still my favs) Stacey, Janet & Laurie. Now I am in the beautiful burbs of Westport, CT I have a varied workout routine but I still love my NYC and often go in to see friends, bounce around and squeeze in a workout! 

Tonight I took my first SoulAnnex class, still part of the Soul Community. I met my girlfriends and we took a class called Torch'd. First you are not on a bike instead you are in a room that has incredible lighting. We were led by celebrity trainer Issac. We MOVED + danced for our cardio, we DEFINED with free weights and ALIGNED all our muscles and my rather weak core with our own body resistance! 

Isaac's energy was electrifying and his playlist helped us push our workout to another level.  It was hard but I felt amazing after and it woke up muscles that had not been used in a while. 

If you live in NYC or are visiting you have to try SoulAnnex, I can't wait to hear your experience 

Soul Annex is located at 32 W 18th St. in Manhattan

Genny xo