Relocation, relocation, relocation

Two days before we saw in 2018, my husband got offered an amazing job opportunity. A bit of background, he has been a Sell Side Analyst for the past 20yrs, he has done this job through the glory days mainly at Goldman Sachs then the past 8yrs at a smaller firm based in Stamford, CT. The past year he has not been happy at work but lucky for him he is leaving Wall Street and moving to the client side as VP of Investor Relations at Wyndham. Several of his Goldman Sachs colleagues also switched to Investor Relations and are so happy!

So where is job, natural relocation is back to our motherland England but NO, we are relocating to ORLANDO, FL! They want him to start ASAP! We let the kids know that Daddy got an amazing job based in Orlando, FL. We let them know that Daddy is going to move down first. We PR’d DisneyWorld and assured them we are going to visit and do homework on schools and homes in Orlando, FL. Our 8yr old, Olivia instantly broke down about leaving the school she loves and her friends and never wants to move! This was so tough for me to watch, my heart broke for her.

I knew he was interviewing for the job based in Orlando but I never think about it until it is real!

Now I crank to 5th gear as really don’t know Orlando, but determined to deal with this relocation with an open heart and leave no stone unturned, making sure I pick what is best for our family.

Jan 19 I put our home on market with my incredible realtor Susan Vanech of William Pitt Sotherby. We received an offer 3 days later (fingers crossed it all goes through). We kept the house sale secret from the kids - which in hindsight was a big mistake. Max found out and was absolutely devasted, he did not want anyone in his house or going in his room and was determined that he would convince us not to move. Olivia was breaking down about the potential move and would open up to me with all her worries, I assured them both that we are going to do this as team and your Mommy has got you, Mommy will never let you down. I have picked everything for you and you love everything so trust me.

That week I am introduced to the relocation company who will help me co-ordinate our move, I learned that there is lots of help but also lots of rules to abide by many conference calls & emails later this move is on.

I decided to do a 2day trip Orlando to tour schools and get a lifestyle tour. I touched down in Orlando and went to my first school tour, then on to the next! It was intense, overwhelming couple of days where the evenings I was found drinking many cocktails. Good news is I found 2 amazing private schools and fell in love with an area called Winter Park.

I am now a single Mom dealing with the house sale, relocation and the emotions of our kids. There are times I hear a song and break down in tears but then I remind myself how lucky we are. My husband got to change his career, he absolutely loves his job and company. The saying is not Happy Wife, Happy Life it is actually Happy Husband, HAPPY LIFE!

We are going through is a good stress which will make us stronger, we get a new chapter in our lives……how lucky are we.

Thank you for reading

Genny xo