IPad, ITouch & TV Rehab

I love summer but 3 months off school and hiatus from camp, is crazy! I noticed my kids in particular my son just turning on the TV or using his IPAD when ever he wanted, if I got distracted he could easily be there for hours possibly days!

A week ago when my husband went on a sailing trip with friends, and on his return my son sneakily grabbed his phone and was just sitting there playing games. The real explosion happened when we were all getting ready to go and see Coldplay and my son was on my husbands phone within 10 minutes of him being home, I lost my SH*T and threw the phone across the bedroom!

So we are entering screen time rehab which includes earning pocket money, we are DAY 2 and so far we are off to great start! My London friend gave me great tips that if you set rules and timers, the children are lot more rational, if they whine when their screen time is up then they lose 5mins of screen time the next day!

Here are our rules:

We would like you to earn IPAD, TV and Pocket Money. If you follow these rules you will get $5 a week and will be allowed 30 minutes of IPAD or TV Time a day.

Rules are as follows:

  • Make your beds and open blinds
  • Clean up after eating and help your guests too
  • Always have polite manners
  • Do not wake early
  • Do your homework & reading