I get a two week break from my crazy Mommy

Today my 8yr old daughter left for sleepaway camp for 2 weeks. Olivia has been counting downs the days til sleepaway camp and her excitement has been out of control.

This morning she asked Alexa what time is it around 50 times. The whole Agnew gang drove Olivia to her pick up bus spot at 9.45am and her whole body was beaming with excitement. The girls on the bus from Manhattan all ran off to say Hi and also all wanted to meet her dogs!

We said our goodbyes and my voice crocked into tears and Olivia looked up and said "PLEASE Mommy its only 2 weeks"

Olivia ran on the bus and looked back at me with a huge smile, the smile that read “I get a two week break from my crazy Mommy”.

How did we pick a sleepaway camp for Olivia?

We worked with an Independent camp specialist called Melissa Post (melissa.p.post@gmail.com), she was incredible and completely understood our criteria and made the process enjoyable.

This is what we were looking for in a camp:

All Girls



Uniform dress code

Only offers 4 week session

Why did we decide to send her to sleepaway camp?

We think of it as a gift to Olivia; one that allows her to have fun, create new friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. She does not know anyone apart from a good friend from the Manhattan and we hope these new friends will become her summer sisterhood!

Where did we pick?

Camp Wicosuta, we toured the camp last summer with Olivia and loved it.  It actually exceeded our expectations. It is set in a beautiful location and the girls sleep in bunks! An abundance of activities from Dance, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis and general girls having fun! The camp has the"3 C'S": CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE & COMMUNITY, the 3Cs were reflected in all the girls we met in addition to warmth and kindness! 

Now the 2 weeks of Max begins xo